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Amy Seimetz Interview (The Girlfriend Experience)

Amy Seimetz discusses the second season of The Girlfriend Experience (2016), which she co-directs with Lodge Kerrigan. The series, produced by Steven Soderbergh, changes its characters for the second season and sees Amy and Lodge directing separate stories, bifurcating the narrative with each one having its own unique aesthetic.

Kris Avedisian Interview (Donald Cried)

Kris Avedisian discusses his debut feature film, Donald Cried (2016), which explores the relationship between the chaotic Donald and the straight-laced Peter, two old friends that are unexpectedly forced to spend time together when Peter is stuck back in his hometown and tensions over their past are uncovered. We talk about Avedisian’s dual roles as actor and director, the aesthetic of the film, the difficulties of making comedies, and his writing process.

Sean Baker Interview (The Florida Project)

Sean Baker discusses his latest film, The Florida Project, a sensory-driven, DayGlo look into the world of families living in motels in the economic shadow of Disney World. We discuss the film’s production, motifs in his films, and realism v. convention in Hollywood filmmaking.

Anna Biller Interview (The Love Witch)

The American independent filmmaker discusses The Love Witch, which investigates gender and psychology through the prisms of love and witchcraft, featuring a bricolage of different formalist reference points found across the writing, performance, sets, music and more. We discuss these components of the film, its reception, critical misunderstandings of cinema history, and the realities of making films as a woman.

Andrew Bujalski Interview (Computer Chess)

Andrew Bujalski is an American filmmaker who has played architect – however unintentionally – to mumblecore, a mode of filmmaking that has a continually expanding influence on American independent cinema. This can be found in Funny Ha Ha (2002) and Mutual Appreciation (2003), while still undergirding Beeswax (2009). Computer Chess (2013), his most ambitious film… Continue reading Andrew Bujalski Interview (Computer Chess)

Frederick Wiseman Interview (At Berkeley)

Frederick Wiseman is a legendary documentary filmmaker, whose films of the last fifty years generally investigate a single institution each and include Titicut Follies, Hospital, Primate, Public Housing, and La danse. He would go on to make National Gallery and In Jackson Heights. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to Mr. Wiseman… Continue reading Frederick Wiseman Interview (At Berkeley)

Ben Rivers & Ben Russell (A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness)

Ben Rivers is an English experimental filmmaker and artist whose work blends fiction and non-fiction, exploring themes of community, utopia, hermetic living and investigating spaces more broadly. His works include I Know Where I’m Going, Slow Action and Two Years at Sea, which won the FIPRESCI International Critics Prize at the 68th Venice Film Festival.… Continue reading Ben Rivers & Ben Russell (A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness)

Joshua & Ben Safdie (Heaven Knows What)

Josh and Ben Safdie are American filmmakers who have collaborated on four feature films and many more shorts. Their work includes their first co-directed feature, Go Get Some Rosemary/Daddy Longlegs (2009), which played the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, and Lenny Cooke (2013), a basketball documentary they completed over ten years after the initial footage was shot… Continue reading Joshua & Ben Safdie (Heaven Knows What)

Matt Porterfield, Hannah Gross & Deragh Campbell Interview (I Used to Be Darker)

Matt Porterfield is an American filmmaker who has made three independent features set in Maryland: Hamilton (2006), Putty Hill (2010), and I Used to Be Darker (2013). I Used to Be Darker premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and stars Deragh Campbell and Hannah Gross, who play cousins reunited in difficult circumstances. Matt, Deragh and Hannah… Continue reading Matt Porterfield, Hannah Gross & Deragh Campbell Interview (I Used to Be Darker)