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The Love Witch

The American independent filmmaker discusses The Love Witch, which investigates gender and psychology through the prisms of love and witchcraft, featuring a bricolage of different formalist reference points found across the writing, performance, sets, music and more. We discuss these components of the film, its reception, critical misunderstandings of cinema history, and the realities of making films as a woman.

Shot in 1996 when director Michael Lucid was a senior in high school and then edited in 2000, Dirty Girls is a work of nonfiction portraiture about a group of rebellious thirteen-year-old “riot grrrls” who…

In the piece embedded above, American avant-garde filmmaker Peggy Ahwesh appropriates recorded footage of the video game Tomb Raider as a short work of machinima filmmaking. Ahwesh combines the exploits of in-game protagonist Lara Croft…