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Donald Cried

Kris Avedisian discusses his debut feature film, Donald Cried (2016), which explores the relationship between the chaotic Donald and the straight-laced Peter, two old friends that are unexpectedly forced to spend time together when Peter is stuck back in his hometown and tensions over their past are uncovered. We talk about Avedisian’s dual roles as actor and director, the aesthetic of the film, the difficulties of making comedies, and his writing process.

Austrian documentary filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter discusses his latest film, Homo Sapiens (2016), a fictional documentary that depicts the empty spaces of our world after humans are gone. These real spaces are linked in static shots that are grouped thematically, as sound and subtle movement texture these decaying and calmly depeopled totems to civilization.

The Florida Project

Sean Baker discusses his latest film, The Florida Project, a sensory-driven, DayGlo look into the world of families living in motels in the economic shadow of Disney World. We discuss the film’s production, motifs in his films, and realism v. convention in Hollywood filmmaking.

Bruno Dumont, responsible for the new four-part comedy miniseries P’tit Quinquin, Cahiers du Cinema‘s best film of 2014, sat down for this brief interview with Kino Lorber last year. Some of the topics of discussion…

Hot on the heels of the success of Computer Chess (2013), we brought mumblecore forefather Andrew Bujalski to Toronto to screen prints of his first two features: Funny Ha Ha (2002) and Mutual Appreciation (2003).…

Chronicling the making of director Michael Mann’s lesser-known work The Keep (1983), this behind-the-scenes special from The Electric Theatre Show provides a (VHS-quality) look at the production of the underseen film by cross-cutting footage from…