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Andrew Bujalski Interview (Computer Chess)

Andrew Bujalski is an American filmmaker who has played architect – however unintentionally – to mumblecore, a mode of filmmaking that has a continually expanding influence on American independent cinema. This can be found in Funny Ha Ha (2002) and Mutual Appreciation (2003), while still undergirding Beeswax (2009). Computer Chess (2013), his most ambitious film… Continue reading Andrew Bujalski Interview (Computer Chess)

Recap: Andrew Bujalski – The Seventh Art Live Directors Series

The Seventh Art Live Directors Series with Andrew Bujalski Presented by CINSSU took place on February 3rd and February 4th 2014 in Toronto. It was our tremendous pleasure to host Andrew in Toronto for his first time in the city. He is a true talent of American independent film who has played architect – however… Continue reading Recap: Andrew Bujalski – The Seventh Art Live Directors Series

Joe Swanberg Interview (Drinking Buddies)

Joe Swanberg is a Chicago-based filmmaker who is commonly associated with the so-called ‘mumblecore’ mode of filmmaking – a term assigned to low-budget American films made in the 2000s that were singled out for their naturalism. For Swanberg, this is often achieved through improvisational performances, digital photography, and frank depictions of sex. Following his 2005 debut,… Continue reading Joe Swanberg Interview (Drinking Buddies)