Picking up a whole slew of awards on the festival circuit in 2011 (including the BAFTA and AFI prizes for short-form animation), The Eagleman Stag (2010) is writer/director Mikey Please’s short animated film that he made for his thesis project at the Royal College Of Art. Taking place in a foam world made out of “…some strange white stuff…found in the back of a stress cushion”, the movie weaves a time-jumping tale through the life of Peter Eagleman—with his wryly self-conscious and eccentric personality—as he discovers the potential of a never-before-seen beetle that can regenerate its nerve tissue. Visually imaginative and strangely fantastical, it’s a bold work from a talent whose formal control and expression of a singular vision makes for an oddly affecting experience—one that also generates excitement for whatever creations Please has in store for the future.