Back so very long ago in 2012, Grolsch Film Works and VICE Films came together to produce The Fourth Dimension, an omnibus project that prompted three filmmakers – Harmony Korine, Aleksei Fedorchenko, and Jan Kwiecinski – to each create a short film exploring their idea of the titular concept.

Korine’s entry, “Lotus Community Workshop”, is a particularly interesting work featuring Val Kilmer essentially playing himself as a motivational speaker who exhibits a commanding presence over the group of locals he preaches to at a roller rink (one could see the film as somewhat of an oddball mini-companion-piece to Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master). Kilmer’s performance is quite a sight to behold, combining a bizarre brand of charisma and an infectious social demeanor in a way that communicates sincerity rather than the joke-laden irony one might expect from such a radical personality. Korine intercuts the workshop seminar with scenes of Kilmer and his girlfriend spending time together, a pairing that forms a compelling, youthful, and weirdly exuberant little movie.