“I happen to think ‘Husbands’ is a very fine film that has to do with what’s happening today from our point of view, you know, three guys that have lived part of their lives and don’t have their youth to look forward to.”John Cassavetes

During the shoot of John Cassavetes’ momentous 1970 film Husbands, BBC documentarians visited the low-budget production to chronicle not only the pioneering director’s filmmaking process but also his collaboration as an actor with co-stars Peter Falk and Ben Gazzara. As seen above in regrettably poor video/audio quality, the nonetheless stirring documentary captures an extended glimpse of the wild creative energy that Cassavetes harnessed along with his minimal cast and crew to craft such a deeply felt and powerful work of semi-spontaneous cinema.

Also be sure to check out this unearthed recording of the three lead Husbands actors’ chaotically unhinged stint on The Dick Cavett Show, which includes multiple pratfalls, insistent postponing of the topic at hand, amusingly obnoxious goading, and a short absence from the set of frustrated host Cavett himself.