A quick ‘Lest We Forget’ clip for today: the sublime first shot of Hou Hsiao-hsien’s masterful 2001 film Millennium Mambo – hopefully urging the uninitiated to seek out the movie and/or encouraging those who have seen it to go back and re-experience it all over again.

Shu Qi’s extended walk in slow-motion accompanied by a wistful voice-over and set to an ethereal electronic track is the perfect beginning to a nostalgic film that, among many other things, embodies a particularly oneiric sensibility through its visual aesthetic. Hou’s long-takes ground scenes in physical locations with the familiarity that comes from temporal duration and steady observation, but his framings obscure the periphery of the film’s places, lending them a dreamy quality where what exists outside of the composed image is a hazy elsewhere of only-imagined space.