“Sam’s films have always been about America as a kind of lie, I think.”Jim Jarmusch, The Typewriter, The Rifle, And The Movie Camera

Samuel Fuller was one of America’s gutsiest and greatest filmmakers. His influence on cinema still spreads far and wide, and this hour-long documentary, The Typewriter, The Rifle, And The Movie Camera (1996), is a great reminder of how important the man and his movies really are. The film, made just a year before the director’s death, was directed by Adam Simon and, in addition to Fuller, features appearances from Quentin Tarantino, Tim Robbins, Jim Jarmusch, and Martin Scorsese. Robbins provides insightful narration in between the interviews speaking of his own experience with the filmmaker, and there are clips aplenty from Fuller’s many masterpieces. The guests all speak with passionate admiration towards the director, and the film features some great scenes with Robbins and Tarantino sifting through Fuller’s garage and digging up some iconic memorabilia. It’s a pure pleasure, through and through.