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Apichatpong Weerasethakul has been busy with an art exhibition in London called Double Visions, which runs April 11-May 27 at the Anthony Reynolds Gallery. Now, courtesy of Dazed and Digital, three of the short films displayed at the exhibition are available to watch online. Like the best of the director’s previous output, the brief works exude a ghostly aura through irrepressible experimentation, often taking on the qualities of an inexplicable dream.


“DOUBLE VISIONS is a survey of lights and focuses on illusion, dream and intimacy. It represents moments I would like to remember.

The works here range from my first video work, from 1999, to the most recent. I realise they share a certain obsession with lights, with escape. To me, the camera is always fearless. It can face intense luminosity which our eyes cannot tolerate. What it captures, however, is not truth. The act of filming is the act of staging, of remembering the seemingly real waking up every morning to the same person, the everlasting youth of teenagers by the river, the twilight appearance of Ray Bradbuy’s Mr. Electrico…

With civil unrest erupting repeatedly in Thailand in the course of the past decades, I have noticed that I started to sleep more. I have started to jot down my dreams. I have produced many movies, in dreams. In reality, people are being gunned down in the streets. Books are banned. Like the sleepers, I shun the malady of reality, and together we take refuge in dreams of forever.”

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