It’s rare seeing a filmmaker directly confront their critics, but it’s even rarer to see the feuding publicly aired for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Fortunately, Vincent Gallo was given the opportunity to do exactly that in this surprise appearance on Richard Jobson‘s film show which aired soon after the release of his masterpiece Buffalo ’66 (1998) — a film that some critics (in this case: Jonathan Romney, Alexander Walker and Anne Bilson) did not take a liking to. Gallo has no shortage of detractors and is known for being quite defensive when it comes to criticism (see: The Brown Bunny/Roger Ebert feud). His comments here can be awfully disconcerting (his stab at Bilson for not understanding the love story due to womanly “hang-ups” is especially uncomfortable) , but it’s sort of thrilling to witness the — sometimes vast — remove between critics and directors suddenly stripped away.