In honor of Vincent Gallo‘s birthday today, I thought I’d post his superb interview on the Howard Stern Show for those who aren’t in the know.

The interminable shock-jock brought Gallo on around the release of The Brown Bunny to discuss the Roger Ebert feud, his brazen comments toward other individuals in the film industry, and his life and films. Gallo–often derided for his no-filter remarks and abrasive attitude–is uncharacteristically humble here, speaking on his numerous controversies– typically recited verbatim by Howard–with a wide grin. The undisputed highlight of the show, though, is when Roger Ebert himself calls in to speak on his initial Cannes review of Gallo’s film, as well the “cancer hex” the director had placed on the critic. By this time, the two were on good terms, and it’s a wonderful thing to hear Ebert’s sprightly spirit on the other end of the line. Gallo even ends the call by asking Ebert to say hello to Chaz, calling their relationship “beautiful”. With countless interviews of the film-maker lashing out on Youtube, this is a gentler side of Gallo–the one which is heavily demonstrated in his two stellar feature films. One can only hope this rare talent returns to the scene soon.