Mondo Vision, the DVD company set to release a number of Andrzej Żuławski films in the near-future, has been teasing the release of On the Silver Globe for a hot minute now. The director’s unfinished sci-fi masterpiece went into production in 1977 but was halted by the studio—reportedly because they didn’t like all of the allusions to false prophecy and organized religion—and left with an unfortunate amount of gaping holes. The film was eventually released in 1988, with the director providing narration for all of the necessary information left out of the final release. Needless to say, Żuławski’s film is ripe material for a documentary.

Well, good news for fans: if Mondo Vision ends up releasing the film soon, we will be treated to Short Life, Long Death: The Making and Unmaking of On The Silver Globe. The clip above, though brief, is an exciting glimpse into what this extra will look like. Żuławski’s tragic project is as fascinating to watch as it to learn about, and we can only hope this ends up surfacing soon—especially considering there is precious little information out there on this singular director.