In the video above, we have a first-hand recorded account of the great Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci hard at work on the set of his 1987 classic The Last Emperor. The footage shows the filming — and wrapping — of a few different scenes, and although the video only runs a mere eight minutes, it becomes readily apparent how massive of a production the film really was. Bertolucci involved thousands of extras and is seen directing hundreds of them during a police-versus-students protest sequence. It is a display of the labor that goes into making a movie, especially on a scale this large, as well as the exuberance that comes with finishing an important scene. As an added bonus, if you look right below the video in its “About” section, there are several links to other great videos. These include a 55-minute documentary on cinematographer Vittorio Storraro, a 50-minute interview with Bertolucci, and links to the soundtrack and movie. For fans of the director and the film, this is something of a treasure trove.