The intriguing trailer for the new Spike Jonze film Her was released only a few days ago, and it offers no better excuse to start taking a look back at Jonze’s older work. A good place to start is What’s Up, Fatlip?, a profound 2003 documentary concerning ex-The Pharcyde group member Fatlip, that remains sadly under-seen. The film was shot over the course of a few days while Jonze was working on a music video for the rapper (the title of the song is “What’s Up, Fatlip?”). It acutely documents Fatlip’s struggle to get back into the spotlight after the falling out with his former hip-hop group. Like the best of the director’s work, it can be equal parts hilarious (the ridiculous clown costume Fatlip has to walk around in for the video shoot) and touching (the rapper telling a group of middle school skaters that he can definitely hook them up with Puff Daddy’s autograph). For all of its charm and warmth, the film is laced with an intense sadness; it is, at its core, about the aftermath of fame—when the idea of re-achieving greatness looms over someone like a curse.