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Nicolás Pereda Interview (Greatest Hits)

Nicolás Pereda is a Mexican-Canadian filmmaker whose films have been taken up as a talking point by a number of critics, on subjects as varied as contemporary Mexican cinema, contemporary contemplative cinema and the nebulous distinction of the documentary film. His films include the strong debut, Where Are Their Stories? (2007), the class-focused Perpetuum Mobile (2009)… Continue reading Nicolás Pereda Interview (Greatest Hits)

MDFF Interview (Tower, East Hastings Pharmacy)

MDFF is a Toronto-based production company that is committed to, in their own words, “exploring naturalistic, narrative and documentary forms in filmmaking with a focus on unique, director driven projects that display a strong sense of cinematic handwriting.” The company was founded by producer Dan Montgomery and filmmaker Kazik Radwanski, while filmmaker Antoine Bourges has… Continue reading MDFF Interview (Tower, East Hastings Pharmacy)

Lauren Greenfield Interview (The Queen of Versailles)

Lauren Greenfield is an American documentary photographer and filmmaker. Her photos are exhibited in museums and galleries, featured in a number of high-profile magazines and she has published three books, including the popular Girl Culture. Her work touches upon a number of subjects, including a recurring theme of self-image. Her first feature-length documentary, Thin, followed… Continue reading Lauren Greenfield Interview (The Queen of Versailles)

Joe Swanberg Interview (Drinking Buddies)

Joe Swanberg is a Chicago-based filmmaker who is commonly associated with the so-called ‘mumblecore’ mode of filmmaking – a term assigned to low-budget American films made in the 2000s that were singled out for their naturalism. For Swanberg, this is often achieved through improvisational performances, digital photography, and frank depictions of sex. Following his 2005 debut,… Continue reading Joe Swanberg Interview (Drinking Buddies)

Peter Bogdanovich Interview (She’s Funny That Way)

Peter Bogdanovich is a legendary filmmaker whose career began by interviewing filmmakers in a thorough yet conversational manner. His relationships with Ford and Welles, among others, have yielded indispensable books investigating these auteurs’ films. His own filmography is just as expansive and intricate, including richly woven odes to classical filmmaking and quite a few films that… Continue reading Peter Bogdanovich Interview (She’s Funny That Way)

Patricia Rozema Interview (Mansfield Park)

Patricia Rozema is a Canadian filmmaker whose extensive contribution to Canadian film history includes winning the Prix de la Jeunesse at Cannes in 1987 for her debut film, I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing. Patricia was asked to finish the statement “What the Canadian film industry needs is…” for inclusion in an article by The Globe… Continue reading Patricia Rozema Interview (Mansfield Park)

Ingrid Veninger Interview (i am a good person…)

is an actress and filmmaker based in Toronto, Ontario. She has directed three feature films (including Modra and Only) and produced numerous shorts and features. She self-distributes her films through her company pUNK films. This interview took place just days after Ingrid was honoured by the Toronto Film Critics Association as Best Emerging Artist with… Continue reading Ingrid Veninger Interview (i am a good person…)

Guy Maddin Interview (Keyhole)

Guy Maddin is a Canadian filmmaker known for his contemporary use of film styles associated with silent and early sound cinema. He has directed ten feature films (including My Winnipeg, The Saddest Music in the World and Brand Upon the Brain!) and a cornucopia of shorts, while also creating several installation works. Guy was in Toronto… Continue reading Guy Maddin Interview (Keyhole)