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Patricia Rozema Interview (Mansfield Park)

Patricia Rozema is a Canadian filmmaker whose extensive contribution to Canadian film history includes winning the Prix de la Jeunesse at Cannes in 1987 for her debut film, I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing. Patricia was asked to finish the statement “What the Canadian film industry needs is…” for inclusion in an article by The Globe… Continue reading Patricia Rozema Interview (Mansfield Park)

Genie Awards (2012)

The Genie Awards have recognized and celebrated Canada’s cinematic achievements since 1980. This year was the 32nd annual awards ceremony and The Seventh Art had the opportunity to produce, in association with the Academy of Canadian and Television, a live-streamed backstage show. The show featured a mixture of unique conversations with nominees and winners, delving beneath… Continue reading Genie Awards (2012)

Astron-6 Profile

astron-6 is a filmmaking collective creative by multimedia artists from Winnipeg, Manitoba, who share a fascination with the mechanics of fear and laughter. They’ve made a cornucopia of faux trailers for non-existent films and a handful of shorts before embarking on two features (Manborg and Father’s Day). Steven Kostanski, who contributes to the collective as… Continue reading Astron-6 Profile

Loop Collective Interview

Loop Collective is a group of independent media artists dedicated to exploring the roots of experimental cinema by creating a dialogue with other art disciplines. We sat down with two of Loop’s members, co-founder Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof and Dan Browne (memento mori), in a film editing room at Toronto’s Ryerson University – where the collective itself was… Continue reading Loop Collective Interview

Ingrid Veninger Interview (i am a good person…)

is an actress and filmmaker based in Toronto, Ontario. She has directed three feature films (including Modra and Only) and produced numerous shorts and features. She self-distributes her films through her company pUNK films. This interview took place just days after Ingrid was honoured by the Toronto Film Critics Association as Best Emerging Artist with… Continue reading Ingrid Veninger Interview (i am a good person…)

Guy Maddin Interview (Keyhole)

Guy Maddin is a Canadian filmmaker known for his contemporary use of film styles associated with silent and early sound cinema. He has directed ten feature films (including My Winnipeg, The Saddest Music in the World and Brand Upon the Brain!) and a cornucopia of shorts, while also creating several installation works. Guy was in Toronto… Continue reading Guy Maddin Interview (Keyhole)

Ron Mann Interview (FilmsWeLike)

FilmsWeLike is a boutique distributor of documentary, independent and international films within Canada. It was founded by documentary filmmaker Ron Mann, who we talked with in his production offices. FilmsWeLike’s theatrical distribution catalogue, circa 2012, included such incredible films as: 24 City, Alps, Attenberg, The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jayne, Barbara, Brand Upon the Brain!,… Continue reading Ron Mann Interview (FilmsWeLike)