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Joshua & Ben Safdie (Heaven Knows What)

Josh and Ben Safdie are American filmmakers who have collaborated on four feature films and many more shorts. Their work includes their first co-directed feature, Go Get Some Rosemary/Daddy Longlegs (2009), which played the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, and Lenny Cooke (2013), a basketball documentary they completed over ten years after the initial footage was shot by producer Adam Shopkorn.

The brothers’ latest co-directorial effort is Heaven Knows What, the story of a group of New York City heroin junkies, partially based on the life of lead actress Arielle Holmes, whose as yet unpublished book is adapted for the film. One of the most striking films at TIFF 2014, it was our pleasure to host the Safdies at our studio space at CineCycle and talk about the film’s production, its relationship to their other films and prison codes.

This interview was first published in January of 2015.

By The Seventh Art

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