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Matt Porterfield, Hannah Gross & Deragh Campbell Interview (I Used to Be Darker)

A still from the film I Used to Be Darker, where a young woman is lit in a moody red light coming from a vintage lampshade while there is a gathering happening outside the back door in the back of the frame.

Matt Porterfield is an American filmmaker who has made three independent features set in Maryland: Hamilton (2006), Putty Hill (2010), and I Used to Be Darker (2013).

I Used to Be Darker premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and stars Deragh Campbell and Hannah Gross, who play cousins reunited in difficult circumstances. Matt, Deragh and Hannah joined us during the Toronto premiere of the film for homemade waffles, casears, and a discussion of the film’s production.

Our interview with Matt Porterfield, Hannah Gross and Deragh Campbell was conducted in May of 2014 and was one of four feature interviews in the twenty-fourth and final monthly issue of The Seventh Art as a “video magazine.” It was released in April 2015.

By Christopher Heron

Christopher Heron is one of the co-founders of The Seventh Art. He's conducted over 60 long-form interviews for the publication, while also writing and cutting several numerous video essays that investigate formal traits in films and filmmakers. He received his MA in Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto, where his work explored cinematic representations of urban space with special attention paid to the films of Pedro Costa and Tsai Ming-liang.