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João Pedro Rodrigues Interview (The Ornithologist)

The Portuguese filmmaker tells us about his latest: a quasi-western shot in anamorphic widescreen following one man’s bird watching trip through the pressures of nature, mysterious cultural rites, and a bricolage of mythologies that transform him.

Angela Schanelec Interview (The Dreamed Path)

The Berlin School filmmaker returns with The Dreamed Path, the story of two couples’ relationships in two different time periods, presented in minimal, emotionally charged scenes that are linked intuitively – even mysteriously – across the two paths.

Pedro Costa Interview (Horse Money)

The Portuguese director goes in-depth on his incredible latest feature, Horse Money: his intent behind the film (he “says too much” about its meaning), its production, critics writing about his films, and his thoughts on Jean-Luc Godard.

Peter Strickland Interview (The Duke of Burgundy)

The English filmmaker behind the critically acclaimed Berberian Sound Studio returns with The Duke of Burgundy, which explores a strange relationship between two women. We discuss the film’s musical structure, the unique editing strategy, and the film’s relationship with S&M.

David Gordon Green Interview (Manglehorn)

The director discusses his latest film, Manglehorn, starring Al Pacino, his work on commercials influencing his feature films, themes that recur through his work, and the difference between his indie films and those with bigger budgets.

Claire Denis Interview (Voilà l’enchaînement)

The extraordinary French director discusses her latest short film, Voilà l’enchaînement, starring Alex Descas and Norah Krief, as well as her plans for a sci-fi feature film with Robert Pattinson.