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Alex Winter Interview (Downloaded)

Alex Winter is an American actor and filmmaker who produced and directed the feature documentary Downloaded, which charts the history of the ‘digital revolution’ and the story of Napster in particular. Alex presented the film at Hot Docs 2013 and joined us at Bar Neon to discuss the film, the challenges faced in representing the… Continue reading Alex Winter Interview (Downloaded)

Martha Shane & Lana Wilson Interview (After Tiller)

After Tiller is a documentary focusing on the controversial subject of third-trimester abortions. Dr. George Tiller was one of its few practitioners in the United States before he was assassinated in 2009. The documentary differentiates itself from ‘issue’ films through its goal to elucidate the subject in a non-reductive manner. Directors Martha Shane (Bi the Way)… Continue reading Martha Shane & Lana Wilson Interview (After Tiller)

Mike Lerner & Maxim Pozdorovkin Interview (Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer)

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer is a documentary co-directed by Mike Lerner & Maxim Pozdorovkin that follows the Russian feminist punk collective best known for their infamous concert at St. Christ Church in Moscow, which resulted in three members sentenced to imprisonment in a penal colony. The film takes a similarly forward-thinking, amalgamate form to… Continue reading Mike Lerner & Maxim Pozdorovkin Interview (Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer)

Matt Wolf Interview (Teenage)

Matt Wolf is an American filmmaker whose documentaries Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell, I Remember: A Film About Joe Brainard and Teenage each draw upon a multitude of media sources (including archival, recreations, recitations, etc.), culminating in a unique style that he calls a ‘living collage’. Matt was in Toronto for Hot Docs… Continue reading Matt Wolf Interview (Teenage)

Serge Bromberg Interview (The Extraordinary Voyage)

Serge Bromberg is a French filmmaker and film preservationist who has presented films live in his Retour de Flamme series; restored lost, unknown and damaged films both visually and aurally through his company, Lobster Films; and personally oversaw the partial reconstruction of the unfinished Henri-Georges Clouzot film, L’Enfer, in his documentary Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno. Serge was… Continue reading Serge Bromberg Interview (The Extraordinary Voyage)

Peter Mettler Interview (The End of Time)

Peter Mettler is a Canadian filmmaker, photographer and live audio/visual mixing performer, whose films rank among the very best Canada has had to offer. His feature film work, including Picture of Light (1994), The Top of His Head (1989), and Gambling, Gods and LSD (2002), spans narrative, documentary, avant-garde and essay film modes – often in… Continue reading Peter Mettler Interview (The End of Time)

Rodney Ascher & Tim Kirk Interview (Room 237)

Rodney Ascher is an American filmmaker who creates, as he puts it, his “own brand of genre-blurring films and videos.” These include the satirical documentary short, The S from Hell (2010), and his first feature, the ‘subjective documentary’ Room 237 (2012), which played at the 2012 Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes. Tim Kirk produced Room 237 and contributed… Continue reading Rodney Ascher & Tim Kirk Interview (Room 237)

Rachel Grady Interview (Detropia)

Rachel Grady is an American filmmaker who, along with co-director Heidi Ewing, is responsible for pointed, exploratory documentaries that also avoid becoming overly polemical. Their works span features, collaborative shorts and television, and include Jesus Camp (2006), The Boys of Baraka (2005) and 12th & Delaware (2010). Rachel was in Toronto to present her and Heidi’s latest… Continue reading Rachel Grady Interview (Detropia)

Lauren Greenfield (THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES) Interview

The latest issue of The Seventh Art features a brief conversation with photographer and documentary filmmaker, Lauren Greenfield. Greenfield’s latest film, The Queen of Versailles, has been generating headlines lately, both for its theatrical success, as well as David Siegel recently filing suit against the filmmaker for what he deems an inaccurate portrayal of himself… Continue reading Lauren Greenfield (THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES) Interview

Lauren Greenfield Interview (The Queen of Versailles)

Lauren Greenfield is an American documentary photographer and filmmaker. Her photos are exhibited in museums and galleries, featured in a number of high-profile magazines and she has published three books, including the popular Girl Culture. Her work touches upon a number of subjects, including a recurring theme of self-image. Her first feature-length documentary, Thin, followed… Continue reading Lauren Greenfield Interview (The Queen of Versailles)

Kinosmith Profile

Kinosmith is an independent Canadian film distribution and marketing company that works closely with domestic and international producers, distributors and sales agents in presenting diverse works to the Canadian market. We sat down with founder Robin Smith in the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, where he is the Cinema Programmer, to discuss the realities of distribution in… Continue reading Kinosmith Profile